BPO Youth Concerts

2017-2018 Season of the Music for Youth Concert Series

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Same and Different

Pre-K-2nd GRADES

Being able to recognize and describe similarities and differences is an important skill for young learners and this program exercises this skill through active listening.  Music is a way to celebrate diverse expressions and the orchestra is a fantastic vehicle for comparing and contrasting sounds such as high/low, fast/slow, loud/soft, etc.  Simple poetry will be used to provide students with rich vocabulary and mental imagery to compliment the sounds of the orchestra.  Students will be led through an active listening experience that will give them the words to process and explain the featured musical selections with age-appropriate terms.

The Power of Listening


Buffalo has always been the City of Good Neighbors, where we respect each other, encourage each other, and work together. How do we achieve this?  Just like the orchestra – by hearing, listening and understanding! This concert will extend the concepts used in the “Same and Different” program, and focus on the musical tools of expression – meter, tonality, dynamics and tempo.  Students will participate in active listening activities that show how the orchestra works together just like we do in our community.  Poetry that celebrates respect and understanding for each other extends the learning. Music can help us discover the power of listening to promote understanding, both in and out of the classroom.

Friday Morning Concerts 2017-18


These full-length BPO concerts on Friday mornings give middle and high school students a chance to hear complete pieces of repertoire in a casual atmosphere.